Trailer for Hauling

Hauling is the business of transporting goods by road between locations. This includes everything humans might wish to move in bulk – from yard vegetation and debris, and other supplies.  Aurora has the equipment and manpower to move, haul or remove all your unwanted brush, junk, or anything else you can think of. Not quite what you […]


Sidewalk after pressure washing

Hardscape refers to hard landscape materials that are incorporated into a landscape. Paved areas, driveways, fire pits, and any other landscaping made of hard-wearing materials such as wood, stone, and concrete are examples of this. We also install dry river beds and buried drainage. Hardscape refers to the built environment in landscaping, as opposed to grown or “softscape” elements such as […]

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

dirty dumpster on a dumpster pad

Dumpster pads seem to attract the nastiness of dirt, mud, and muck. Dumpster pad cleaning is an important service that every Georgia business should prioritize! Dumpster pads are known to attract pests and insects capable of transmitting disease, further jeopardizing the hygiene of your commercial environment. Furthermore, these elements may have a negative impact on your personnel […]

Dock Cleaning

dock with two Adirondack chairs over water

Docks and seawalls can be damaged by dirt, grime, mold, and algae. Aurora offers high-quality dock cleaning services that can help you avoid costly future repairs. To carefully remove dangerous contaminants without harming wood and stonework, we use both pressure washing and soft washing techniques. With the help of our dock cleaning services, organic matter, […]

Deck Cleaning

Clean deck in the woods

Whether you’re relaxing by the pool, spending time with family, or hosting a cookout, your deck is the ideal place to spend time outside. However, natural wear and tear occurs with exposure to sun, wind, rain, and snow. This can deteriorate your deck over time. Aurora Pressure Wash offers professional deck cleaning services to keep your deck in […]

Roof Wash

corner of a house

Dirt and bacteria can build up on your roof over time, threatening its durability and life span. Professional soft washers are outstanding at cleaning every shingle on the roof while providing the gentlest washing possible to avoid damaging the roof. If your roof appears to be in poor condition, it may simply require a thorough cleaning. […]

House Wash

house on a praire

Soft washing is an important part of home maintenance that, when done correctly, keeps your home in good condition while preventing larger problems in the future. Soft washing removes mold and mildew, which are damaging to both your home and the health of your family. Removing dirt, and grime extends the life of your home’s […]

Driveway Cleaning

blue house with clean payment

Dirt and bacteria can accumulate on sidewalks and driveways over time, posing a safety hazard to visitors. If you do not keep your driveway clean, it will grow algae, mold, moss, and mildew, all of which will require special care. Pressure washing is so effective at cleaning every pore of the driveway that mold, and mildew […]

Mailbox Cleaning

mail box on the side of the road

The mailbox is often a neglected part of the home. With years of build up the mailbox can look like it is being reclaimed by the nature that surrounds it. But it has the potential to be a sidewalk centerpiece, and it doesn’t take much to spruce it up. Aurora Pressure Washing service will get […]

Outdoor Carpet Cleaning

outdoor sitting area with clean carpet

Outdoor rugs are a low-maintenance and low-cost way to enhance any outdoor living space. Outdoor rugs, on the other hand, can accumulate grime and mold over time if neglected. Don’t be concerned if you can’t recall the last time you cleaned your outdoor rug. Aurora Pressure Wash is available in Georgia to handle your most […]